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1851-53 (serial); 1853

Household Words (serial)
North and South
Published 1854
Chapman and Hall
Cousin Phillis
Published 1864
The Cornhill Magazine
Wives & Daughters
Published 1866
Smith, Elder and Company
Novels (by publication date)

1848 - Mary Barton

1850 - The Moorland Cottage

1853 - Ruth

        Cranford (READ IT HERE!)

1855 - North and South (READ IT HERE!)

1857 - The Life of Charlotte Bronte

1858 - My Lady Ludlow

1863 - Sylvia's Lovers

1864 - A Dark Night's Work

        Cousin Phillis (READ IT HERE!)

1866 - Wives and Daughters (READ IT HERE!)

Short Stories (by publication date)

1837 - 'On Visiting the Grave of my Stillborn Little Girl'

        'Sketches among the Poor, No. I'

1840 - 'Clopton Hall'

1847 - 'Life in Manchester: Libbie Marsh's Three Eras'

        'Our Manchester Correspondent; Emerson's Lectures'

        'Letter of Enquiry'

1848 - 'Christmas Storms and Sunshine'

1849 - 'Hand and Heart'

        'The Last Generation in England'

1850 - 'The Well of Pen Morfa'

        'The Heart of John Middleton'

1851 - 'Mr Harrison's Confessions'


        'The Deserted Mansion'

        'Our Society at Cranford'

1852 - 'A Love Affair at Cranford'

        'Bessy's Troubles at Home'

        'Memory at Cranford'

        'Visiting at Cranford'

        'The Shah's English Gardener'

        'The Old Nurse's Story'

1853 - 'Cumberland Sheep Shearers'

        'The Great Cranford Panic'

        'Stopped Payment at Cranford'

        'Friends in Need'

        'A Happy Return to Cranford'


        'Morton Hall'

        'Traits and Stories of the Huguenots'

        'My French Master'

        'The Squire's Story'

        'The Scholar's Story'

        'Uncle Peter'

1854 - 'Modern Greek Songs'

        'Company Manners'

1855 - 'An Accursed Race'

        'Half a Lifetime Ago'

1856 - 'The Poor Clare'

1857 - 'The Siege of the Black Cottage'

1858 - 'The Doom of the Griffiths'

        'An Incident at Niagara Falls'

        'The Sin of a Father'

        'Right at Last'

        'The Manchester Marriage'

1859 - 'The Half-Brothers'

        'Lois the Witch'

        'The Ghost in the Garden Room' (later titled 'The Crooked Branch')

1860 - 'Curious if True'

1861 - 'The Grey Woman'

1862 - 'Six Weeks at Heppenheim'

1863 - 'Shams'

        'An Italian Institution'

        'The Cage at Cranford'

        'How the First Floor Went to Crowley Castle' (later titled 'Crowley Castle')

1864 - 'French Life'

        'Some Passages from the History of the Chomley Family'

1865 - 'Review of Torrens, W. T. M., Lancashire's Lesson'

        'A Column of Gossip from Paris'

        'A Column of Gossip from Paris' (published 3 days after the previous story with the same title)

        'A Letter of Gossip from Paris'

        'A Parson's Holiday'

No Date - 'Two Fragments of Ghost Stories'
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